Cole Dawson, former leader of the elite and feared Delta North Special Ops Team is home to save the family ranch. And…

…all HELL breaks loose.

Book 1 of the Miracle Duet / Series Opener Duet for the Delta North Team


Book 1 – A Real Man: The First Miracle

He’s a  Soldier, Cowboy…and Protector.

He wears his scars on the inside.

She’s recovering from a horrendous accident, a fledgling erotica writer struggling to remake her place in the world.

She wears her scars on the outside.


they will FIGHT to make something beautiful.


Book 2:

A Real Man: The Last Miracle

They created something beautiful…against all odds.

But an evil force has risen against Cole’s family legacy – the beautiful Dawson Ridges Ranch.

And when they have to confront the very things that define who they are at their core…will Tabby and Cole’s happily ever after last?


A Real Man: The Last Miracle




*These two, full-length novels are new, reader-requested stories that preface the entire Delta North Team Series-
12 books to date.
(Formerly known as the REAL MEN series)


Pre-Summer Update – May 5,  2021

Hi There!

I’m so glad you stopped by to get the latest news and say hi! 🙂

The release for the Delta North Team series starter has been amazing! Thank you, so much,  for your support! In fact, A Real Man: The First Miracle hit #87 in one of its categories to make the Amazon Bestsellers list! It stayed on that list for four days, after launching. Thank you so much!

As these two books – The First Miracle and The Last Miracle – start the series, many of you have been picking up the entire 7 book series. I hope you love it! And don’t forget – there’s a companion novella series available, too, with the exciting stories of many key Delta North characters. Rand, Rufus, Parker, and more. Grab it right here:

Delta North Team Companion Novella Series

I’m still working on the covers and rebrand, with some more work to go. It’s in process! 🙂

Immediately after that, I plan to start edits on Zachary Undone, the third book in the Refuge Bay lineup of m/m books. Can’t wait to get Zach’s story to you! He’s scintillatingly handsome, but he’s a deep guy. You’ll  learn a bit more about his military past and the ghosts that still haunt him…and why they may just ruin all the good he’s built up in his life unless he sorts it out, and fast.

I’m also starting work on a secret project that will be in KU, in a shared world with a group of top-notch author I’m proud to be with. I’ll give more details on that the moment I’m cleared to release them. Look for a release date sometime in October!

In between all that, here’s my crazy WANT TO DO list.

I’d love to write a summer trilogy. Add Mack and Christian’s story to Delta North Team. Add Seth’s story and the Watcher’s story to Refuge Bay. I’ve been wanting to  write a special Christmas series for years now, too…

And, oh yeah. LAUNDRY, lol!

Yes, you’re right. That’s too much, but hey. A girl…can dream. Right?

I’ll sign off now with that lovely message. We can all dream. And sometimes…those dreams come true.

Big hugs to you, and come by  again – soon!

~Susan 🙂


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Talk soon!

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