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Fall Update – Sept 6, 2021

Hi There!

I’m so glad you stopped by  say hi! 🙂

How was your summer? If you’re like me, you counted every blessing. Things have been different for a while now…right? But it’s a testament to the human spirit how much we can focus in on the good things, little–or small.

And there’s something else that hits me, in all this. Is there really anything that’s SMALL in the area of blessings?

Yeah, not really. Maybe you’re coming to the same conclusion!

So–here’s the latest stuff.

After a really lovely summer, weather-wise (big humidity only for a few weeks!), we’re into a clean, clear and gently hot fall. And I can barely find enough time in the day to do all the things!

First, Securing Callie’s Kiss is dropping on September 29th, part of a multi-author, connected steamy college world. I hope you love it! I’m already crazy about Emerson and Callie (he’s a protector hero, by the way, and she’s quite the gal) and they will be appearing in a new series I’ve created for you–The Delta Team North Security Force.  There’s also going to be something special about this series, launching in 2022, so stay tuned for the exciting news!

I’m also doing a big backmatter project (to help readers find new and connected books in all my worlds), and dabbling in Facebook ads, for much of the same reason.

And I’m already crafting the upcoming series….possibly 2 streams of it. (Eek. Wasn’t that supposed to be SECRID, you??)

Can’t help it. This bit is to you my readers…and yeah. I typically share mostly everything. 🙂

Hey. Isn’t there time in there, somewhere…to write a Christmas Book? *grins*

I hope you have a lovely fall. Soon, the leaves will drop and we’ll be into pre-Christmas. (And yes. I’m nuts about all that, too!)

That’s it, for now. Thank you for being here with me, and as always, if you want to drop a quick hey to me at–I’d love to hear from you. You’ll make my day. =)

Best. And come by  again – soon!

~Susan 🙂


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