It’s all ended…because of his secret, shameful past.

The family he’s surrounded himself with. The healing. The epic sparks–could it be love?–between him and sexy Irishman Galen. The ones that could light up the damn sun.

Now, everyone Zach loves is threatened. Including the amazing little girl his best friend and his partner have adopted. The one he loves like no other. And worse–they don’t even know it.

It’s time for action. Former soldier Zach will walk back into hell to save those he loves…no matter the cost to himself.

Fans of Nathan and his partner Og, their little girl, Trasher, and Irishman Galen Tilth (from Book 1, Nathan Unwrapped) will love this next installment of Refuge Bay!

*Book 1 in The Men of Refuge Bay series is NATHAN UNWRAPPED.


Nathan and Og – sigh. Zach and Galen- sigh. There’s so much to love..”

“…it touched my heart deeply. I loved this book and cannot recommend it highly enough.”

This story. Sweet screaming seagulls, this story stuck to me like hot caramel in the sunshine. THIS is why I choose certain authors on the regular: because I know when I read a novel from them, it’s going to be an experience rather than a potential waste of time. Susan Saxx is one of my go-to authors for just this reason. Her books never fail to win me over with her testosterone-fueled heroes, heart wrenching plots, and outstanding characters.” 

-Amazon and GoodReads Reviewers, 5 STARS


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Zachary Undone by Susan Saxx

Zachary Undone

by Susan Saxx

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Six beloved holiday books by Susan Saxx in two special e-boxsets you won’t want to be without this holiday season!


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Vol. 3 is a future omnibus version for Kobo and other non-Zon retailers!


Christmas Update – Dec. 10, 2021

Hey There!

I’m so glad you stopped by!

It’s been quite a fourth quarter, hasn’t it? September to this moment has passed like a whirlwind. Has it been the same for you?

I created 3 holiday boxset volumes, and two are now on Kindle. I also have special news. My main Delta North series is now in KU, soon to be followed by my novella series of Delta North books, too, in January! So if you are a KU (Kindle Unlimited) member, love reading and your ‘free’ books, know you can read all of my books there! And as always,  you may also want to own them to have them on your Kindle to keep, and reread whenever you want. It’s all good!

Most exciting (for me, anyway ;)), right now and at this moment…is that Zachary Undone, in my Refuge Bay series…is DONE! I really love this book, and early readers do too. Zach, Nathan’s best friend, is taken back into his past, a past he’s tried to forget. But if he wants to keep those he loves safe, he’s got to go back and fight a war he thought he’d already left behind.

Check out the reviews here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59654477-zachary-undone, and on Amazon.


Zach is dropping on December 17th, just in time for all your holiday reading! A lot of my male/female romance fans are loving this series, especially readers that don’t count m/m romance among their genres. They’re surprised, and are committed to the series. You might just find the same too – these stories are stories of people who are tested and really need to dig deep to sort out their lives, and to grasp the things they love. Do they succeed? You may just want to decide for yourself.

Grab Zachary here, on Amazon. Additional Retailer links are coming soon.

And there’s a giveway here, until Dec. 15, for U.S. and Canadian readers, for a signed, first-edition print copy of Zachary Undone as well. Enter, and tell your friends! Goodreads Giveaway

Add Zach to your GOODREADS TBR pile here. 

I’m also already drafting Seth and Eric’s story. Ooh, the angst. Also, Eric owns a winery…

Add Seth Unravelled to your GOODREADS TBR pile here!

And as to Christmas?

I hope you have the most wonderfullest time *grins*. Whether you celebrate with family, friends, pets or in your own solitude, know that you are thought about, cared about, and a part of this big ole human race. =)

And soon January comes…but I’m getting ahead of meself. Yes? lol

I’ll shoot you a quick update in the New Year. In the meantime, thank you for being here with me, and as always, if you want to drop a quick hi to me at susansaxx@gmail.com-, I’d love to hear from you.  You, as one of my readers, make my day. =)

Best. And come by  again – soon!

~Susan 🙂


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