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The first novel set in Terrence Point, B.C!

A REAL MEN full length Christmas Romance

Real Men #9

He’s adored by women – and men – all over the world. The raw, gritty NHL player, Dante Knight.

But life changed abruptly a year ago. Amid highly broadcast recuperation efforts from a serious injury, Dante’s no longer interested in the limelight, or in the panties strewn on the ice. With the same focus he applied to his stunning NHL career, he’s now interested in only one woman…Kelley Dunham.

Boy. Is she in trouble.

He’s learned a thing or two, and now he knows what’s really important in life. And nothing’s going to stop him. It’ll be easy, though. She’s crazy for him, right?


Puppy love for the moody Dante consumed Kelly Dunham’s formative years. Always his advocate, she unravelled when the NHL hopeful abruptly left their tiny Canadian mountain town of Terrence Point after an incredible night together – her first time.  She moved on, soul flaming from the shock. Worse, everyone knew. Had always known.

Time for a change.

After an idiot ex-fiance who’s also disappointed her, she’s ready for the playgirl life. Stupid Dante had the right idea, way back then, and she’s going to adopt HIS credo. Sex for nothin’ and her guys for free. Lots of them.

But when Dante reappears in a blizzard, hurt, and they’re snowed in, and he’s ready to finally be the man she always thought he was…

She stands firm. Nothing’s changing her new-found mission.

And hey. If he wants to play house…maybe he’ll teach her a few things, between the sheets?


“Dante Knight stole my heart. Actually, he did more than that. He stole it, held it, melted it, and (don’t ask me how…) made me feel cherished. Yeah, I know that’s a tall order for a book boyfriend. But this is not your average BBF. Dante’s different. Really. He’s not just different–he’s exceptional.

In the truly unique style of Ms. Saxx, this story will take the reader through a vast range of emotions from head-shaking, face-palming humor to heart-rending angst, with a ton of fun stops in between. The most amazingly simple things in this story brought me to tears. Yet other times also found me smiling like Forrest Gump with a new box of chocolates.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t miss this reminder of how beautiful the heart can be when it’s full of hope and love. We all need this healing balm at times. It’s a wonderful read, anytime.”

Kentucky Bohemian
5 STARS, Amazon Reviewer