Hey There! Two things are coming to this page, all to make sure that you get to read EXACTLY what you love!

#1 – All the tropes in each of Susan’s books will be listed.

#2 – A listing of tropes will appear (i.e.: second chance, found family, opposites attract, billionaire, etc.) with a list of corresponding books under each one.

It will be two ways that you can enjoy Susan’s books and series!

For now, please enjoy using the listing below of Susan’s holiday stories.


Susan xo


This is a quick list of all of Susan’s holiday stories, in her various series. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day…with more coming!

Holiday Box Sets

A Soldier’s Christmas, Vol. 1

A Soldier’s Christmas, Vol. 2

A Soldier’s Christmas Omnibus Volume, Vol. 3 (sold only by non-Amazon retailers)


Real Miracle

Skipping Christmas

It Started with a Candy Cane

A Refuge Bay Christmas – Their Daughter’s First Christmas

New Year’s Eve

Real Temptation

Valentine’s Day

When You Came


Enjoy your holidays! ~Susan