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It Started on a Back Road: Real Men #3  
A small town sweet novella and meet-cute

He’s bound by rules.

She’s desperate for freedom.

Danica Danstead needs to get away from it all – just for a few days. So when she visits her best friend in the northern Canadian town of Jack’s Bay, she expects peace and quiet. But she gets anything but. When Abby is unexpectedly called away, she finds herself smack in the middle of contractor Dare Logan’s construction team. It seems rude to avoid them, and their well-meaning efforts to made sure she’s not lonely.

But she’ll make an exception in the case of Parker Bowles.

Parker Bowles has a heart as big as the northern Ontario outdoors he loves so much. But Danica has the wrong idea of him, and he can’t convince her otherwise. Yet he can’t help but keep a special eye on the lonely, yet unpredictable Danica from NY, before she leaves to go back to the Big Apple.But it takes an unexpected night in Jack’s Bay to show them both that it was worth taking a second look.

Reader Note: It Started on a Back Road is a Jack’s Bay novella and a meet-cute. Meet-cutes focus entirely on the beginning stages of a romance.