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Real Miracle: Real Men #5
A small town, Christmas Eve, romantic suspense, second chance story 

If Eli Austin gets out of this one, it will be unbelievable.

If he gets out of it with Tish by his side…it will be a miracle.

Eli Austin is going off the grid. Too long in the underground employ of men he’d sooner spit on than obey, his master plan for breaking free is intact. But before he goes, he has to appease his heart and soul one last time. He’s got to see the house he and his high school sweetheart, Tish, almost bought. Relive the Christmas they never had, before he walked out on her, into the dark night without a word, so many years ago.

Tish Taylor’s been through it all. After that horrendous Christmas, she moved on, married. But the rebound is over, and she’s newly divorced. She’s going back to where she had it all – once – to spend a solitary evening in the abandoned house where three years ago, they were going to start their new life. The sweet old house that called to them, the life that was theirs. She’s got to reclaim the woman she was then – full of dreams, and promises. So she can move on, once and for all.

So they both set out to that old house, now in the worst part of town.

But neither of them counted on what they’d find…

A Christmas Eve Romantic Suspense Second Chance Story set in Jack’s Bay.

Reviewers are saying:

“It had me hooked and turning pages like a mad woman.”
-Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

“Intense, tough, confusing, gut-wrenching…and beautiful”
-Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

“Danger and excitement! I absolutely loved it.”
-Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars