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Real Deep: Real Men #2
A second-chance tropical island reunion story

They never thought they’d meet again. And definitely not on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific.

But photographer Abby Haines, in the midst of a dream shoot, still has no time for her ex, army reserve soldier Dare Logan. She’d put everything into loving him, made him the family she never had. And when she chose her career – thinking he’d follow – he broke her heart. Hard and fast – but definitely not painlessly.

She’d been the light of his life. And Dare Logan had been shocked she’d chosen him – with his wrong side of the track upbringing – over her snooty, rich family. But when the bright lights of New York and a money-making career beckoned – she’d left him, as he always knew she would. He’d shut his heart down, thrown himself into making something of himself.

But now, they’re here. Together. Every moment reminding them of what they had. When they’re sent on a dangerous photo shoot across the island, obstacles mount. And when a killer hurricane threatens to devastate everything they hold dear, secrets long buried come to light and difficult, heart-rending choices will have to be made, or everything they could have will be lost.