Ski Resort & Winter Cabin Romance…

Couple Reaching for each other in wintery cabin - from When you Came by Susan Saxx

“This book made me laugh and cry, it made me cheer out loud and warmed my heart. I cannot recommend this book, and author, highly enough. “

– Amazon Reviewer, 5 STARS


A newly-opened Ski Lodge.

A hot Ski Patrol dude. A curvy, academic, plain-jane geek.

Two dogs. Two agendas, and a lodge full of quirky, small town seniors.

It’s gonna get crazy.



She’s so over romance. But he’s not!


When You Came

Book 2 set in Terrence Point, British Columbia. Part of the REAL MEN series.

You first met Sven in Skipping Christmas, and fell in love with him.  Asked for his story.

Here it is!





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