Susan writes  a number of small-town series. Interestingly, the characters in each series have friends and close buddies in the various locations! This gives most of her books a feeling of one big series, though heat levels. lengths and tones can vary.

The various books in the Real Men Series are currently being segmented into sub-series, the order of which will be different than what appears on major retailers today.   **You can read them in their existing order (many readers have done this and have enjoyed the series), or you can look them up by title.  Please note that A Real Man: The First Miracle and A Real Man: The Best Miracle are written. Susan is only waiting on covers and they will be published soon.

The segmentation would be complete, however, there has been a major technical upgrade and Susan is still waiting on various programs, etc. Thank you for your understanding! ~ updated Nov. 17/2020


The Real Men Series:  Sexy Small Town Military Romance  –  Mostly Jack’s Bay location in Northern Ontario, Canada

1. A Real Man: The First Miracle –  Book 1  (To be published by Jan. 30) (Cole and Tabby)

2. A Real Man: The Best Miracle – Book 2  (To be published by Jan. 30)  (Cole and Tabby)

3 . A Real Man (short story)  (Cole and Tabby Dream segment)

4. Real Deep   (Dare and Abby)

5. Real Hero  (Nathan and Amy)

6. Real Miracle  (Eli and Tish) Christmas Eve Second Chance story   HOLIDAY BOOK


The Real Men Series: Sensual Small Town Romance migrating to Sweet

(As of Nov 1, 2020, these novellas are currently lightly sensual in tone, but there are no sex scenes. They are being rewritten to be fully sweet in tone, with no swearing, estimated completion, Jan. 20/2021. The book descriptions on the major retailers will specify heat level in future, and as mentioned, currently they are lightly sensual in tone except for one book on Amazon, It Started with a Candy Cane, which is sweet. As mentioned, many readers have loved these novellas as part of the Real Men Series. More books are planned and will be sweet.

1. It Started on a Back Road

2. It Started with a Candy Cane  HOLIDAY BOOK


The Real Men Series:  Sexy Romance – Terrence Point Mountain Location in British Columbia

1. Skipping Christmas (Sport Hero Romance) (Hot)  HOLIDAY BOOK

2. When You Came (Valentine’s Day Novel) (Sensual)  HOLIDAY BOOK

3. Real Temptation (New Year’s Eve Novella) (Hot)  HOLIDAY BOOK


Very Short Story: Thriller

1. The Escape (Halloween) Emma’s story (from Real Hero)  HOLIDAY BOOK


The Men of Hope House – Sexy Male/Male Romance, set off Chesapeake Bay

1. Nathan Unwrapped

2. Zachary Undone (Coming Soon)

additional books planned