…the only topic you want to write about, you can’t? It’s too personal, yet that’s all that flows out of your pen/fingers/yadayada?

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You think for about 30 seconds, then divert.

Whatever title I put down this morning, the first few lines diverted to THE THING I’M DEALING WITH THIS MORNING.

Mainly, not feeling well. Illness, with a certain slant.

So what did I do to still get a few important things done today? I took time, and calling upon all my SDS (self development stuff/shit) knowledge (which ha! Is there, however, still takes work to apply when you’re not feeling well, because you really don’t know what to do, to be honest, despite all the info you’ve taken in for years.)

At any rate, I made a few basic decisions, and this is what I did.

(I was also going to say ‘low-level’ decisions, but really, they’re not. This is a big issue – not feeling well – yet still trying to be functional when life has demanded a few things you need to still get done in the day.)

First, I listened to Brendon Burchard’s Monday talk on his app.

OMG, did he bring the energy. I shivered, and pulled away. Too much! At least it was short, and had some good points. I listened, thoughtfully. (To be clear, he’s not my main teacher – i have 2 others, but I respect him, mostly, and he’s a worthy addition to my SD stable.)

Then, I visualized.

You need to see yourself as okay in the moment, but as the fulcrum of what I’m dealing with today seems to be in my upper tum, I visualized good stuff going on there.

I also did box breathing, two rounds, while laying in bed, with sleek kitty grooming himself unhurriedly, beside me, bopping me with each motion.

Unashamedly, lol. Good role model.

I also did some soothing work—whatever I could come up with in the minute! and more visualization.

Oh. And fed the cat, lol.

So now, I’m at least upright. To be clear, it’s early. We’ll see if I get any of those life-necessary things done.

But it’s interesting working to apply mind over matter, and seeing how things suss out.

Doesn’t hurt the sun is beaming into my home this morning. That golden, rich October sun. And I’ve got Italy on my big screen, one of those walking tour vids.

That’s the deal for today, so far. If I rally and have time, I’ll send out another report, later today.

But in the meantime, that’s the report from the author desk of Susan Saxx.

p.s. On a cheery note, guess what I got today, for later, if I feel like it?

Yeah, it’s the little things, clearly, lol.

Me got pie. =)


brown desert on white ceramic plate

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