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Let’s pick it up now with your letter for Real Men Books 4 & 5: Real Miracle and Real Hero!


A Real Man (#1)    Real Deep (#2)    It Started On A Back Road (#3)    Real Miracle (#4)
Real Hero (#5)     Real Temptation/Special Delivery (#6) (LINKS TO COME)


Real Miracle #4

Dear Readers,

Jack’s Bay lost a favorite son, three years ago. One day Eli Austin was there, a beloved part of the local scenery as well as mega-brain IT geek—and the next day he was gone. Christmas Eve, in fact.

Not only did it rip up the town and his buddies, Dare Logan, Nathan Hero, and the rest of the military reservists gang, but it crashed the world of one Tish Taylor down around her head. You see, Eli was her fiancé, and they fit. They just did, always had.

One day he was there, and the next…not. Gone. Without a word. Into the ether, as if he’d never been.

Tish pulled her life together, moved away, got married. Though that didn’t take all that well either. And now she’s back in Jack’s Bay, on the QT. Holed up for one long, ‘reconnecting to memories and her soul’ night, in the house they were going to buy for their very own, that long ago Christmas. It’s now abandoned, and yeah. She’s broken in. But she needs this night, alone. To reclaim her soul, find the woman who could dream again, despite what life threw at her.

And then, someone shows up at her door. And…it’s Eli.

I hope you enjoy this latest installment to the Real Men series, Jack’s Bay location, Real Miracle, Real Men #4. The whole story takes place in one long, every moment is important Christmas Eve and just proves…

One moment can change everything.


Real Hero #5

But that’s not all, folks. Much more is brewing in Jack’s Bay.

After his father’s uncles moved to Jack’s Bay, nothing was ever the same. Nathan ran from home, and became a navy Seal. But soon after he left, tragedy struck. He determined he’d never come home again, and that love, family and belonging were not to be his. Ever.

But then he finds a batch of puppies, abandoned in the woods, with a group of his buddies…and suddenly, he’s back in Jack’s Bay, at the family cabin, deep in the woods, with Ryker.

Enter Amy. Tired of all the preppy guys she dates, she’s just going to focus on her business. Then she meets Nathan…

This story goes to show that real heroes come in all shapes and sizes—and sometimes it’s a forgotten, broody ex-Seal and his puppy. Both. Heroes.

I hope you love these Jack’s Bay stories. And…more to come!

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