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Parallel Universe:
Alone in the country in a big rambling house? Sounds cozy and inocuous until a radio report blows your world apart, informing you that a crazed killer has just broken out of prison. Maybe you could shove it out of your mind — except that the crazed killer is your ex. And you know he has an agenda.

Read Parallel Universe to find out if the noises Jane Marsot hears coming from the hallway are normal…or…

Sally is a young woman who is building herself a decent life. Satisfying work, good friends. But she’s never quite gotten over her first love, Fletcher. The boy she’d been in love with so many years ago, spent one fateful night with—and then he was gone. Without a word.

She’s recovered. Moved on. Built a life for herself. Life is good without him.

And then suddenly, he’s back.

She has no plans to see him. There’s no need.

Then a tornado hits the tropical island where she lives. And somehow, she ends up with the last man on earth she wants to be with—Fletcher. Just as the storm grows to a fierce crescendo, threatening not only her but everyone and everything she’s ever loved…