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Golden, British Columbia, is a fictional town, with quirky characters set in the Rocky Mountain trench. Life is different in the mountains. Yet family, brotherhood and love…are the same.

City life is close by. And the men of Golden are enriched by their military reserve service and the brothers they have found across Canada. Blood brothers to the men of Golden are the men of Jack’s Bay, Northern Ontario.

Come meet the cowboy, the ex-hockey player, and the band of Canadian military reservists who served together, and the strong women they fall in love with, along with the eccentric characters of Golden, B.C.


Golden #1
Gabe & Charlotte

She’s an iron worker, and lives from her heart. Only.
He’s the acting CEO, and lives from the bottom line. Always.
So why can’t he forget her?


Golden #2
Dante & Kelley

He left to conquer the world of hockey, and did.
But his priorities have changed. He’s come back to claim the girl he could always count on to love him. At Christmas.
Her priorities have changed now too.


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